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Featured Grain Corn Seed Products:


  • 2050 heat units
  • Industry leader in early grain corn performance
  • Fantastic yield for early maturity
  • Very good test weight and grain quality
  • Excellent drought tolerance scores
  • Above-average stalk strength

NEW for 2023 Silage Corn Seed Products:


  • 1950 heat units
  • Very good yield for maturity
  • Very good test weight
  • Average root and stalk strength

Featured Silage Corn Seed Products:


  • 1950 heat units
  • Ultra early silage corn hybrid
  • Very good drought tolerance and stalk strength
  • Good root strength

Roundup Ready Corn


  • 2050 heat units
  • Consistent performing hybrid with balanced
    agronomic package
  • Very good test weight
  • Very good root strength
  • Average stress emergence and drought tolerance
  • Fast dry down


  • 2200 heat units
  • Excellent performing silage hybrid
  • Very good stalk strength and drought tolerance
  • Good Root Strength and Goss’s Wilt Resistance